Kita kita ( Review )


Love comes from different forms. You’ll never know until it was gone.

Kita kita is an indie film by Sigrid Bernardo. It was starred by Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez. They shoot the film at Japan.

Kita kita is a movie about Leah ( Alessandra de Rossi ), after she was broken hearted she got temporary blindness due to stress and Tonyo ( Empoy Marquez ) shine his way while she was blind.

“Ako naman ang magsisilbing mata mo eh, basta ikaw ang magsisilbing tourist guide ko.”

( ” I will be your eyes, if you will be my tourist guide ” )

Kita kita is a very good movie. I had a feeling that this movie will be a drama but I never thought that it will be that sad. The transition of the story is so good. From the first story until the revelation. that they already met and the male lead is like a “stalker” to the female lead. Then to the ending, the revelation on how the male lead appear in front to the female lead, that they already got to know each other way back but the female lead didn’t know.

So, that’s it guys.

What do you think about the film?
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2 thoughts on “Kita kita ( Review )

  1. I almost got bored on the first half of the movie but continued it since everyone was raving about how great the film is. I did not regret watching the whole movie! I was almost in tears (I tried my best not to cry).

    Also about giving reviews, just a friendly advice: try not to give details that might spoil plot twists in the movie ie. the two actually meeting before but Leah didn’t know. 🙂


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