GIVEAWAY!!! Reviv Serum


Since, it’s my birthday today! (Yay! Happy birthday to me.) Reviv Serums is having a giveaway contest for their new HA7X Multi-Molecular Hydrator Serum., located in beautiful San Francisco California, specializes in novel and innovative clinical treatment serums for skin and hair rejuvenation.

Reviv Serums is also a cruelty-free brand. So, you can rest assured that no animals are being harmed in the process.

They also give $10 USD off for their new $89 HA7X Serum. Just use the code “GETTEN” at the checkout at That is only for one customer/household. Discount code is until December 31, 2016.

HA7X is one of the first products of its kind to include award-winning Neurophroline™ active cosmetic ingredient from the Active Beauty business unit of Givaudan, a group of companies headquartered in Switzerland. Neurophroline cosmetic ingredient won in-cosmetics 2016 Gold Award for Best Ingredient at its annual global showcase for personal care ingredients in Paris this spring.

A multi-dimensional approach to the application of topical hyaluronic and rejuvenating complexes, this first-of-its-kind dermo-biotech serum combines seven forms of hyaluronic technologies with the Neurophroline ingredient to deliver visible hydration, protection, plumping, smoothing, rejuvenation, and recovery from the skin’s surface down to subcutaneous levels.

Five lucky winners will receive a full-sized package of new HA7x Serum.

 Just click here to enter. 🙂




Make Tusok The Fishball


Recently, I’ve been searching for games that will suit my taste and won’t make me bored. I happen to see this app. Actually, I already saw this before but unfortunately I did not pay attention to it. (Sorry!) Then, I got curious about this now and then BOOM! I downloaded it.

Make Tusok or Make Tusok the Fishball is the first Filipino app. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) It was programmed by Most Played Games. Right now they have 8 games.


While playing for the first time, I got zero. (Ha! Ha! Ha!) I was like, “What game is this? Also, everytime you got pass a goal, it will give you additional products. After that, I learned how to play the game and got 20 points now. The game is awesome.

I like the concept of the game and it can also enhance your eye and hand combination. So, it’s not only for entertainment but it can also enhance your physical ability.


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