#CBSTalks on November 28!

Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS), Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino and Smart Communications present #CBSTalks: Best Blogging Practices

#CBSTalks: Best Blogging Practices is one of the major events that Cebu Bloggers Society is holding this year. This initiative manifests the Society’s commitment to promote best practices and nurture professionalism in blogging and social networking.

Patterned after the rousing TED Talks, it will feature Cebu and Davao’s best digital influencers who will share their personal inspiring stories of best practices related to content, website management, ethics, and online interactions, among others.

Their stories will be captured on film, edited and uploaded on Cebu Blogger Society’s YouTube channel, website and other social media channels.

Join us on November 28, 2015, 9AM-4PM at the Jimei Room of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. Admission is FREE! Visit http://www.cebubloggers.com/cbstalks for more registration details.

This FREE event is organized by the Cebu Bloggers Society, Cebu’s first and premier blogging organization, established on February 14, 2008.


Program Flow

8:00AM-9:00AM – Registration
9:00AM – Welcome Remarks
9:10AM – Morning Session
11:40AM-12:40PM – Lunch Break
1:00PM-3:40PM – Afternoon Session
3:40PM – Closing Remarks

For full list of speakers, their topics and profiles, visit http://cebubloggers.com/cbstalks/.

So what are you waiting for? ADMISSION IS FREE! So register now @ http://cebubloggers.com/cbstalks/


Basic Programming Workshop @ CITEXPO 2015


Learn beyond what’s taught in the classroom at the CITEXPO and Christmas Gift Fair 2015. Tech company, 3AG Business Solutions Inc., is hosting a short course on coding dubbed as “Winging It: Unity 3D & C# Game Development Workshop”. Conducted by game developer Cocoy Jurado, the workshop will be at the Coral Room of the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino from 10AM to 5PM during the 3-day tech event.


With the use of Unity and C#, participants will be taught three days of introductory guidance, hands-on game development, discussions and collaborative learning into the wonderful world of game development.

3AG Business Solutions Inc. is a company in the business of building world-class enterprise software. They devlop using Microsoft’s Net Platform and various Microsoft technologies such as SQL and sharepoint for more than 3 years now. They have seen that the country lacks proper training establishments that can meet the demands of the industry. Thus, 3AG Business Solutions aims to provide a professional development technical training for startups, students, professors, developers, and even tech-lovers in Cebu and nearby  provinces.

Anyone who is interested to learn the basics of developing games in Unity can register to join the workshop. They only have limited slots, though. You may register through: http://wingingit-specialedition1.eventbrite.com

Games @ CITEXPO 2015


At the first and largest tech expo in the heart of the city, you’re guaranteed fun! There won’t be a dull moment as you can go head to head against all people while checking out the gadgets. Participate in the launching of the game called Kweedoo.


How does it work? Its concept is like an Easter egg hunt except you try to capture monsters instead of eggs. These are embedded in markers hidden all across the CITEXPO arena. For every 10 monsters you capture, that’s worth 1 raffle entry to win a 28″ Devant HD TV (from Devant, the first ISDB TV in the country).

Compete with all the people on a race to finish 40 monsters to get to win the mystery prize. But wait, there’s more! If you find it in a stall, you’re in luck! Because you won’t just capture the elusive monster, you will receive mini-prizes from the generous stalls.

Winning has never been this fun. Am I right? You have to go above and beyond imagination, though. No one knows where they might be. The billboards? Stalls? TV Screens? Comfort Rooms?! Think outside the box, darling! The next big thing is here.

Christmas Gift Fair 2015


It’s never too early to prepare gifts for your loved ones. With so many brands offering various products, it gets harder and harder to choose. CITEXPO and Christmas Gift Fair will be the hub of all things nice and beautiful to give to your friends and loved ones. Make them happy by checking out all the items.


See the beautiful and innovative products from Woodchuck Manila, Njj Pearls Fashions, Beauty & Wellness Hub, Imusthaves, Gloanse, Evergems Pearls, Mary Kay, Stud Jcentre, Dulcet Skin, Jia & Keith Fashion Style, Allegra Trading, Let’s Stylize, Jocjoc Closet, Salty Ripples, Tada, Sher’s Fashion, Glitch Grafix, Fmk Trading, Groovin Tags, Rpmb Beauty & Scents, Florabella Collections, Jojo Martinez, Micovidi, Becken Trading Co., Forever Fab, Le Chill Fashion, Lynsey’s Closet, Welshe, Paper Hearts, Yabells, D’ Travellers Fashion, 1victory Trading, Dainty Dresses, The Ramp Up, Yanen’s Trading, and many, many, more.

Explore the items, participate in the games, and accumulate lots of prizes. Have a wonderful time at the CITEXPO and Christmas Gift Fair 2015!

Cosplay In CITEXPO 2015


The CITEXPO and Christmas Gift Fair 2015 will not only feature gadgets and gizmos. It will be capped off every night by a cosplay competition which is themed especially to excite every game enthusiast out there.

Watch your favorite characters come to life. Even better, feel free to become your favorite character and get a chance to win exciting prizes!

This three-day event will be comprised of coswalks for days 1 & 2 and a grand competition on day 3. The grand competition will have two categories: individual and pair.


Feel like a concert king or queen as the cosplay competition will be held at the stage of the Pacific Grand Ballroom. This will be the first cosplay competition to be held at the prestigious 4-star hotel. And spoiler alert: a very special guest will be giving away the prizes.

The cosplay competition is happening at the ultimate hub for every tech-savvy Cebuano, the CITEXPO and Christmas Gift Fair 2015.

For information on pre-registration, check out: https://www.facebook.com/notes/cebu-itexpo/citexpo-cosplay-rules/1662989307304998




What’s in an IT expo? You may have heard of exhibits featuring brands from apparel, accessories, or what have you. But you might not have seen a tech expo. A tech expo in Cebu! Get ready to channel the candy-bearing, snot-snipping child within you and switch on the fandom of your favorite gadgets, games, and gizmo’s. We’re gonna bring the swoosh with a bang!

Find everything you want from tempered glass, phones, tablets, earphones, laptops, hard drives, to consumer electronics like washing machines, CCTV’s, cameras, drones, and others. Enjoy deals that are exclusively for CITEXPO event only.

Brands like Devant, Macy’s, Cebu Appliance, CEBU, Statech, Oculus, iConnect, Gigabyte, BLIP, VOX, Xcomp, Kstar, Pantronics, Oppo, Stormtech, VM, BigPix, Joyo Marketing, Audionet, Rulls, BSD, Technokid, and so much more will be exhibiting their products at expo prices.  Expo prices? What does this mean? Well, an expo deal is a super sale that can be available at the event only. This is guaranteed. Only at CITEXPO.

And you won’t have to worry about being short on cash. Globe Charge will take care of that. Globe Charge is one of GLOBE’s innovative technologies that allows customers to pay via Mastercard or VISA even without the use of a terminal.

That is all happening at the first and largest consumer electronics and gadgets sale in the queen city of the south – Cebu IT Expo and Christmas Gift Fair 2015, November 23-25 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.

CITEXPO and Christmas Gift Fair 2015

6 Things to See at the CITEXPO and Christmas Gift Fair 2015


The first (and very large at that) tech expo in Cebu is happening at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino on November 23 to 25. Many might be wondering what this has in store for us. Here’s what every student, professional, family member, every tech-savvy consumer can expect from the CITEXPO:




Even if you’re short on the budget, you don’t have to worry. In the Pre-Loved Tech Sale, you will get to choose from a wide-array of pre-loved consumer electronics and gadgets that’s easy on the wallet. Choose items from prominent brands like Devant, Gigabyte, Oculus, and many more. Feel free to check the stuff out. They’re guaranteed awesome.




The expo will not be just for techie. It will be the perfect hub to collect your ideal Chirstmas present that will surely make your loved ones happy. Check out the perfect items for the gift-giving season at very affordable prices. Brands from apparels, accessories, handicrafts, and so much more will be in attendance. We’ve got you covered!




What better way to cap off a tech-event than to have a cosplay competition? Come dressed as your favorite video game character and get a chance to win exciting prizes! This three-day cosplay competition will be held at the Pacific Grand Ballroom Stage from 6pm-9pm. Day 1 & 2 are Coswalks. Day 3 is the grand cosplay competition consisting of the individual and pair categories.




This is an awesome mobile game app to be launched at the CITEXPO. The game’s concept is like an Easter egg hunt where players collect creatures. It’s simple but what makes it special is that it’s an augmented reality (AR) game. There’ll be 40 monsters to collect for the whole three days. For each 10 monster you capture, that’s worth 1 raffle entry to get a chance to win the grand raffle prize. The first 10 to capture all monsters will also receive special prizes. What’s more is that you’ll get giveaways from the exhibitors along the way. Be the first to collect all monsters!




Never miss a chance to build up your village while attending the CITEXPO 2015. Get to play your favorite game all you want, for FREE! Just look for the booth of Globe Telecom and have the tech-experience of a lifetime.




3AG Business Solutions Inc. will be hosting a professional development technical training for startups, students, professors, developers, and even tech-lovers at the CITEXPO. Learn coding basics on their Unity 3D & C# game development workshop from 10AM to 5PM at the Atlantic Hall of the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. The slots are limited so make sure to secure a registration through: http://wingingit-specialedition1.eventbrite.com


And that’s not all. The CITEXPO and Christmas Gift Fair 2015 will have many more things in store for everyone. For updates, follow the CITEXPO’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. It’s gonna be CITEXCITING!