Fun Chocolate(Review)


I’ve been addicted in going to 7eleven recently. So, don’t be surprise if my post for food are mostly bought there 😀 .

Fun Chocolate, the box is covered in clear plastic. It has 12 pieces of chocolate inside covered in designed plastic.

I was shocked at first when I opened the box because it was wrapped individually. I forgot to read the packaging (hahahah 😀 ) . I thought that it will be a one big chocolate 😀 .

It was yummy, not too sweet just right. When i first took a bite on it, it feels that there’s little peanuts inside but there’s not. I also checked the ingredients that are being used and there’s also none. So, it was a little mystery for me 🙂 . I enjoy it though.

I’m still willing to buy it next time 😀 .



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