5th Wave


I miss you guy!!! Been busy with my personal life lately. Sorry! 😦

So, to compensate. I have here movies that I have been seeing this past few weeks.

This is the first one. I thought this movie is like, “Hmmm… it’s not nice alien again.” but after i saw the movie I was like, “Wow! That was amazing. I did not see that one coming.”

The story revolves around Cassie, who after her mother died and before her father died vowed to her brother that she will always be with him no matter what. But accidents do happened, while trying to get her brother back, she encounters many things that she will never expected to happened in her life as a socialize teenager.

The movie was good. I never expected the ending. There’s also one episode there that I don’t really get why though all in all I like the production.



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