Going Back to School


Summer is almost over and school is about to start. (Yey! 😀 )

First day of school is where you can see your friends, makes some new friends and to be ready for the future career. It is also the day where you can introduce yourself and make a good impression to everyone.

Just like what the others said, ” First impression lasts”.

Be optimistic and never lost hope. Gambatte! Fighting! You can do it!

Have fun and make more memories that will last forever.


S.Y. 2017 – 2018




SAVE-A, Inc.’s First Annual General Assembly




SAVE-A, Inc. just finished its First Annual General Assembly last April 30, 2017 (Sunday). SAVE-A, Inc. is a registered vendor’s association in Cebu City. The First Annual General Assembly also held as its First Anniversary of the said association. Having a theme of “Empowering and strengthening its course towards entrepreneurship”.

It was emceed by Ms. Grace Nerosa and Ms. Ludivina Unilongo lead the prayer. It was opened by the President, Mr. Carlito E. Mag-asin and welcomed by the Committee Chairman of Health and Social Services, Ms. Mercedita Generalao.


Mr. Carlito E. Mag-asin – President


Ms. Ludivina B. Unilongo – Corporate Secretary

The rationale of SAVE-A, Inc. was spoken by the Chairman of the Board to its members, in relation to its empowerment and strengthening its structure. Accordingly to him, “It’s better to have an association not only in form but in substance. It does not matter minor number of members rather than to have great number but only in form but no substance.”


Mr. Jeffrey B. Vargas – Chairman of the Board

They also had a guests speaker from different Department. DTI, represented by Mr. Mark Cabagnot; Coca-Cola Femsa Philippines, represented by Mr. Daniel Montecillo; Head of CCENRO, Hon. Nida Cabrera; Deputy Mayor and Councilor North District Cebu City, Atty. Sisinio M. Andales; and Legal Counsel of SAVE-A, Inc., Atty. Ireneo A. Hiyas.


Atty. Sisinio M. Andales with Hon. Nida Cabrera


Mr. Mark Cabagnot – DTI Representative


Atty. Ireneo A. Hiyas – Legal Counsel of SAVE-A, Inc.


Atty. Sisinio M. Andales – Deputy Mayor and Councilor North District Cebu City


Mr. Mark Cabagnot – DTI Representative


Hon. Nida Cabrera – Head of CCENRO


Mr. Daniel Montecillo – Coca-Cola Femsa Philippines Representative

They also had an election which was opened by the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Jeffrey B. Vargas.


The Chairman of the Board together with the emcee while preparing for election

The newly elected officers for 2017 are: Mr. Carlito E. Mag-asin, President; Mr. Dario Caballes, Vice-President (Internal); Mr. Dexter S. Dacua, Vice-President (External); Ms. Ludivina B. Unilongo, Corporate Secretary; Ms. Zosima D. Baylon, Treasurer; Ms. Eva L. Vargas, Auditor; Mr. Larry Crayon and Mr. Medardo Delos Reyes, Public Relations Officer; Mr. Jeffrey Gedorio, Mr. Samuel Belarmino Jr. and Mr. Ariel Virtucio are the Sergeant at Arms with the Board of Directors such as, Mr. Jeffrey B. Vargas, Chairman of the Board, followed by its members namely, Ms. Mercedita Generalao, Ms. Lilia Francisco, Ms. Thrixie Anne Marie D. Baylon, Ms. Teresita Barnayja and Mr. Roque M. Baylon Jr.


The newly elected officers


The newly elected officers with Mr. Montecillo

Awarding of Certificates were given by Atty. Ireneo A. Hiyas while Atty. Sisinio M. Andales administered the Oath of Office with the newly elected officers.


Peace & Order Committee


Infrastructure & Environmental Project Committee & Membership, Grievance & Education Committee


Health & Social Welfare Committee


Logistics & Materials Support Committee


Support Services Committee

P.S. The Benefits & Social Welfare Committee and Finance Committee’s picture is not posted since the pictures are unrecognizable.

Coca-Cola Femsa Philippines, represented by Mr. Montecillo also gave a Coca-Cola T-shirt to the members who sells its Coca-Cola products.


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The assembly was closed by Hon. Jeffrey B. Vargas, Chairman of the Board.


Congratulations SAVE-A,Inc.!!!


*** If you have any questions/remarks/clarifications to the SAVE-A, Inc. you can contact them to the following numbers: (032) 255-8215, 0921 431 2445 , email them at jeffreyvargas@yahoo.com , message them at their FB page or you can visit directly at their office located at Rm. 206, 2nd Floor, Gorres-Lacson Bldg., Colon St., Brgy. Sto. Niño, Cebu City, Philippines, 6000.


Bad Guys ( Review )


It seems like I can’t post the way I wanted it to be like the previous year so I will be writing once a week. Maybe I can write more after I can get a job. Who knows right? ( Cheer me up. Please! 😀 )

After watching the Squad 38, I was curious about the comment the netizen wrote about the other character of Ma Dong Seok at the end of the series. So, I googled it and came up with Bad Guys.

Bad Guys is like a Suicide but much better ( in my opinion ). I was starred by Ma Dong Seok, Park Hae Jin, Kim Sang Joong, Jo Dong Hyuk and Kang Ye Wok. Like i said before it’s like Suicide Squad before it was released.

Detective Oh Gu Tak ( Kim Sang Joon ) is known as a mad dog in their department for using excessive force when catching a criminal. He release three convicted criminals to help him in his cases. Lee Jung Moon ( Park Hae Jin ), Park Un Cheol ( Ma Dong Seok ) and Jung Tae Soo ( Jo Dong hyuk ) these are the three convicted prisoners that Detective Oh released and have an agreement that whoever catches the criminal will have their prison years shorten.

There are many heart breaking and unanticipated scenes. Especially for Lee jung Moon, I felt pity about what happened to him. ( If you are curious watch the series. 😀 ) It really needs a season 2 with the same actors.

I really like this series especially that it is a thriller, crime, action which is one of the genre that i really like. This is highly recommended by me. ~.^



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Squad 38 (Review)


It’s been a while. How are you?

I know this series last year but I just reminded to watch it after I watch an interview of Ma Dong Seok with Dave from The World of Dave. ( Dave is so funny by the way. I love his videos. 😀 )

Squad 38 is a movie that starred by Ma Dong Seok and So In Guk. The series starts with Baek Sung Il ( Ma Dong Seok ) stopping his brother-in-law from escaping a crime ( which later on they found out that it’s a lie ). Several years later, Baek Sung Il was scam by Yang Jeong Do ( So In Guk ) while trying to buy a cheap car. Then, Baek Sung Il used Yang Jeong Do to help him in collecting taxes from people who won’t pay.

The progress of their story is so great. Especially on how did Yang Jeong Do managed to scam Baek Sung Il. The planning of the events and so on was O.O . There are ups and downs each episodes. You don’t know what will happened next. The misleading concept that later on it will enlighten you.

I’ll give 5 stars for this.



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Kotoura-san (Review)


I’ve watched this anime out of boredom (gomenasai!). Also, I was curious unto the thumbnail being used.

On the first episode really brought me to tears, you can see that the anime was a drama. I, myself don’t want to watch drama (I hate crying.). Although, it’s a drama I was fascinated by it since it’s also a sci-fi and I’m totally a fan.

Kotoura-san is a 12-episode anime. It is about a girl named Haruka Kotoura. She had an ability to read mind and being an innocent girl leads her parent into divorce. She lived a very poor life until she met Yoshihisa Manabe, a boy with a perverted mind. He likes to mess with Kotoura’s mind ( which is actually cute if I may say 🙂 ). He helps her to makes friend and made her life happy.

The following episodes are mixed of drama and comedy it gives me a refreshing feeling. I didn’t expect to like this anime but well you can’t decide until you watch it 😀 .



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Fun Chocolate(Review)


I’ve been addicted in going to 7eleven recently. So, don’t be surprise if my post for food are mostly bought there 😀 .

Fun Chocolate, the box is covered in clear plastic. It has 12 pieces of chocolate inside covered in designed plastic.

I was shocked at first when I opened the box because it was wrapped individually. I forgot to read the packaging (hahahah 😀 ) . I thought that it will be a one big chocolate 😀 .

It was yummy, not too sweet just right. When i first took a bite on it, it feels that there’s little peanuts inside but there’s not. I also checked the ingredients that are being used and there’s also none. So, it was a little mystery for me 🙂 . I enjoy it though.

I’m still willing to buy it next time 😀 .



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My First Ever Attend!!! (UP Otakufest)


It was last year that I know the exact date for the OF. I save for the tix and at the same time excited especially to the guests and the cosplayers who will attend to the event. At first, I want to attend the OF and cosplay but I was being shy and didn’t actually think of a costume 😦 .  ( By the way, this years’ OF is already their tenth 🙂 . ) I’m with my friend Tee 😀 . Kuro and her sisters are also there 🙂 .

There’s so many fun things to do/see during that time. They had a food stalls. artists’ corner, shop corner, collectibles/figures’ corner and institutions’ corner. It was beyond my expectation. My experience from that time is like a treasure to me 🙂 .

The cosplayers are lit. They are so amazingly wow!


Leo was also there. It’s the second time that he hosted the event together with other host. I was fangirling at that time. I refuse to take a picture with him because I feel I might collapse… ( hahaha 😀 ) Though i made up my mind and here it is 🙂 .

The figures ^o^ . I actually want to purchase last Saturday but seeing the price makes me go 😦 .

The food was great. It was yummy. 😀

DD-Tenka is pretty… >////< i can’t even… (breathless!)

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AXISB is awesome… They really stole my heart… >////<

P.S. I’m excited for next year and I hope there’s still next time. 😀



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