Squad 38 (Review)


It’s been a while. How are you?

I know this series last year but I just reminded to watch it after I watch an interview of Ma Dong Seok with Dave from The World of Dave. ( Dave is so funny by the way. I love his videos. 😀 )

Squad 38 is a movie that starred by Ma Dong Seok and So In Guk. The series starts with Baek Sung Il ( Ma Dong Seok ) stopping his brother-in-law from escaping a crime ( which later on they found out that it’s a lie ). Several years later, Baek Sung Il was scam by Yang Jeong Do ( So In Guk ) while trying to buy a cheap car. Then, Baek Sung Il used Yang Jeong Do to help him in collecting taxes from people who won’t pay.

The progress of their story is so great. Especially on how did Yang Jeong Do managed to scam Baek Sung Il. The planning of the events and so on was O.O . There are ups and downs each episodes. You don’t know what will happened next. The misleading concept that later on it will enlighten you.

I’ll give 5 stars for this.



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