Kotoura-san (Review)


I’ve watched this anime out of boredom (gomenasai!). Also, I was curious unto the thumbnail being used.

On the first episode really brought me to tears, you can see that the anime was a drama. I, myself don’t want to watch drama (I hate crying.). Although, it’s a drama I was fascinated by it since it’s also a sci-fi and I’m totally a fan.

Kotoura-san is a 12-episode anime. It is about a girl named Haruka Kotoura. She had an ability to read mind and being an innocent girl leads her parent into divorce. She lived a very poor life until she met Yoshihisa Manabe, a boy with a perverted mind. He likes to mess with Kotoura’s mind ( which is actually cute if I may say 🙂 ). He helps her to makes friend and made her life happy.

The following episodes are mixed of drama and comedy it gives me a refreshing feeling. I didn’t expect to like this anime but well you can’t decide until you watch it 😀 .



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