My First Ever Attend!!! (UP Otakufest)


It was last year that I know the exact date for the OF. I save for the tix and at the same time excited especially to the guests and the cosplayers who will attend to the event. At first, I want to attend the OF and cosplay but I was being shy and didn’t actually think of a costume 😦 .  ( By the way, this years’ OF is already their tenth 🙂 . ) I’m with my friend Tee 😀 . Kuro and her sisters are also there 🙂 .

There’s so many fun things to do/see during that time. They had a food stalls. artists’ corner, shop corner, collectibles/figures’ corner and institutions’ corner. It was beyond my expectation. My experience from that time is like a treasure to me 🙂 .

The cosplayers are lit. They are so amazingly wow!


Leo was also there. It’s the second time that he hosted the event together with other host. I was fangirling at that time. I refuse to take a picture with him because I feel I might collapse… ( hahaha 😀 ) Though i made up my mind and here it is 🙂 .

The figures ^o^ . I actually want to purchase last Saturday but seeing the price makes me go 😦 .

The food was great. It was yummy. 😀

DD-Tenka is pretty… >////< i can’t even… (breathless!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

AXISB is awesome… They really stole my heart… >////<

P.S. I’m excited for next year and I hope there’s still next time. 😀



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