A Third Party (Review)


Aside from the normal pairing (e.g. girlxboy) there is also a boyxboy (yaoi) and girlxgirl  (yuri) pairing. In this pairing, it is different from what we see from when we were still a child (so innocent 😀 ) but when I reached my teenage years I realised that the world is big. I think that in this pairing (in the screen)  (don’t hate me please!) I can feel that there’s more love in it than normal pair. What do you think?

I’m talking about that because I’m reviewing a movie that tackles about that subject. A Third Party, starring Angel Locsin, Sam Milby and Zanjoe Marudo. At first, when I didn’t know the story, I thought that they are fighting for Angel Locsin but I was wrong.


The movie is about Andi (Angel) and Max (Sam) breaking up after college. When Max returned, he already had a boyfriend, Christian (Zanjoe). When Andi got pregnant and her boyfriend leaves her with another girl, she came to Max for help. This is all the story began.


I was so amaze in this story and this is the first time I watch something like this (Sorry TomDen fans) made by Filipinos. I usually watch movies from another country when it comes to this genre. I was shock and cannot utter a word in the middle of the story. At first, I was not convinced that Sam and Zanjoe can fulfill the role but I was wrong, specially in the kissing part (it made me go crazy hahaha 😀 ).

Comment down below what are the movies that you like that is in this genre!!! Who knows I know some of it and write a review. 😀



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