Barcelona: The Love Untold (Review)


How’s your day everyone? Mine is good. 😀

I’m not a fan of KathNiel (Sorry KathNiel fans) but i like this movie of them together. I think they mature starting from this movie. They take it to the new high level.


Barcelona is a movie starring Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. In this movie, Ely (Daniel) trying to fulfill the wish of his girlfriend’s wish before she died in Barcelona. Then, Mia (Kathryn) came to Barcelona to have a point in life. She wants her father to be proud of her. Series of events, the meet each other and Ely gave Mia hope. Together, they overcome the struggles in their life.




I don’t really watch Filipino movies unless it’s a comedy. This movie is different. It gives a different feelings. While watching this movie, I cried, laughed, kilig (romantic excitement), and it seems like I can connect to the character in the movie (hahaha).

So, what’s your take on the movie?



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