Make Tusok The Fishball


Recently, I’ve been searching for games that will suit my taste and won’t make me bored. I happen to see this app. Actually, I already saw this before but unfortunately I did not pay attention to it. (Sorry!) Then, I got curious about this now and then BOOM! I downloaded it.

Make Tusok or Make Tusok the Fishball is the first Filipino app. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) It was programmed by Most Played Games. Right now they have 8 games.


While playing for the first time, I got zero. (Ha! Ha! Ha!) I was like, “What game is this? Also, everytime you got pass a goal, it will give you additional products. After that, I learned how to play the game and got 20 points now. The game is awesome.

I like the concept of the game and it can also enhance your eye and hand combination. So, it’s not only for entertainment but it can also enhance your physical ability.


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DISCLAIMER: The things appeared above is solely from my opinion only. The WordPress and the company have nothing to do with it.

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