[Unboxing] Blippo Mystery Box + Giveaway


If you’re looking for some awesome and kawaii stuff you can check out Blippo.com and don’t forget to participate in this giveaway hosted by Blippo with my friend Kuro from khitsugaya.wordpress.com



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What is Blippo Kawaii Shop?

blippoBlippo is your #1 source for all thing Cute and Kawaii. Our mission is to spread cuteness, happiness and Kawaii culture to all corners of the world – and that’s what we’ve been doing since 2002. You are never too old to enjoy a positive approach to all things in life, and a little kawaii love around you. Just remember to Stay Kawaii!


Blippo sent me a mystery box of kawaii goods to review~!


So here it goes~

I like that the box comes with those puffy white stuff because its cute and it makes the box looks full and ofcourse it keeps the thing inside to be safe *thumbs up for that~!


This cute pencil *which at first thought was a pen >///< comes with an adorable bear ornament and not to mention the bear head prints all over it is just kawaii~


And then…

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