West 35: Haven Cafe


Last Sunday, me and my friends decided to have an adventure and that is zip line. We want to try the zip line at West 35 in Balamban.


We rode a mini van in Ayala Terminal and arrived there at around 11 in the morning. Toke some pictures here and there. At the reception, the receptionist told us that we can’t do the zip line because of the weather (the wind blows very hard that time 😦 ). So, we decided to eat lunch then zip line later if possible.

The West 35 have a reception room, a wide parking lot, playground, cafe, viewing deck, function room, etc.

We ate at the Haven Cafe inside the West 35. There, we ordered 6 pcs. of their fried chicken, 6 pcs. plain rice and a 2 small pitcher of iced tea. The food their is great and tasty. It is worth the price. The fried chicken is right to my taste. The ambiance of the place is also good. you can relax while waiting for the food and have a chitchat.

In the afternoon, the wind still blows very hard and we’re still waiting a friend of ours to catch up to us. We ate our afternoon snacks at Haven Cafe also. We ordered a Double Flavor pizza, 2 plates of french fries, a small pitcher of cucumber quencher and a small pitcher of minty lemonade. The beverages are not up for our taste buds but we still enjoyed it (at least we tried it 🙂 ). I love the french fries though i can’t help munching it. The pizza is also good.

It’s worth to try than nothing at all.

What are your adventures turn to food trip??



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