Save the Children


Did you know that there is an organization that helps children in need?

You too can save.

Every child has the right to a healthy, educated and safe future. Sadly, this is not the reality for all children.

-Save the Children

They help children in the following areas: education, health, child protection, emergencies and livelihoods.

They also support children’s rights and lobby the government on subjects such as corporal punishment. They are established in 2013 120 countries including the Philippines.

Save the Children Globally

Today, Save the Children is a truly global movement. Save the Children in the Philippines is part of Save the Children International, our global network which enables us to work together in 120 countries around the world, foster partnerships with local organizations and provide training and resources to build healthier and happier communities where there are children in need.

-Save the Children

You can contact them thru their website here.


Write to them:

Save the Children
Attn: Supporter Care team
Midland Building, 1040 EDSA
Magallanes Village, Makati City 1232

Landline: (02) 851-3702 or (02) 853-2142

Fax: (02) 853-0215

For supporter care, donations, and fundraising:

For corporate partnerships:
Riel Andaluz, Senior Manager for Corporate Partnerships

For volunteer and internship:

For administrative concerns:
Myra Santos, Administration Manager


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