The Unexpected…



All gathering towards this one.”
― Jenny Downham, Before I Die

March 15, 2016. My friends and I decided to take a trip just to see a house we want to rent for an outing.

We departed at around 10 in the morning started in Pardo Church. By around 11 in the morning we took a stop at Molave Milk Station in Barili.

By around 1 in the afternoon, we took a stop at my aunt’s place in the Poblacion,  Badian to eat lunch. Then, after that we went to our destination, Lambug. Originally, we just went there to see the house and pay for the down payment but we can’t resist the sea. So, we decided to take a dip.

We decided to go back to the city at around 5 in the afternoon. By 8 or 9 in the evening we took a stop at Naga Baywalk. Then I arrived at nearly 11 at our house.

That’s my unexpected experience this week.

What’s your unexpected moment or experience?




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