Master of Study




Master of Study is a South Korean television series that is based on the Japanese comic series Dragon Zakura, it is about a determined lawyer who takes up a teaching position at a failing high school. To save the school from the ax, he comes up with the unconventional plan of starting a special class curriculum devoted to getting five students into the country’s top university.

It has 16 episodes. Starred by Kim Su-ro,Bae Doona, Oh Yoon-ah, Yoo Seung-ho, Park Ji-yeon, Go Ah-sung, Lee Hyun-woo and Lee Chan-ho.

“If you guys continue this way, you’re going to live your entire lives being cheated by others until you die. In this society, there’s such a thing as rules. You have to live by them. Who do you think made these rules? Smart guys. Laws, the educational system, the estate system, taxes, finance, the wage system — smart guys made them up to suit their tastes, to make their lives comfortable. But they made it difficult for those less fortunate and less smart than them to even understand them. Smart guys use these rules to live the good life. For idiots like you, for fools who think using your brains is a hassle, you’ll live your entire lives conned or endlessly injured by those smart guys, and in the end, you’ll be defeated.” – Suk Ho

The plot is that when scrappy and abrasive lawyer Kang Suk-ho is put in charge of the liquidating Byung Moon High School, he sees his own troubled past in the problematic students who live their lives with no dreams. He then offers to teach them and proclaims that he will get five students accepted into Cheonha University, the most prestigious college in the country. Everyone—including the teachers, students and the school’s director Jang Ma-ri—calls him crazy. Quirky and earnest English teacher Han Soo-jung, who believes that the purpose of education is not about getting into a good college, likewise initially objects to Suk-ho’s teaching methods and motivations. But he establishes a special class for the five delinquent students, including Hwang Baek-hyun who bumps heads right away with Suk-ho, to help them prepare for Cheonha University.

I totally recommend this series.


It has a lot of teachings, in life and in study. It is relatable to all people. I cried almost all of the episodes. It is a good series and an inspiring one.

The moral of the story is that never give up on your dreams. Though the society might give up on you but you have family and friends around you supporting you. Even the smallest star shines in the darkness.



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