It’s December!!!


Christmas is just around the corner. It means party, gift giving, firework and Misa de Gallo.


Credit to the owner of this picture!

Party or Christmas Party, it’s a year-end party together with your friends, classmates or colleagues where you can socialize, eat and exchange gifts with your manita or manito.


Credit to the owner of this picture!

Gift Giving, with your inaanak (godchild), anak (daughter or son), magulang (parent), pamangkin (niece or nephew), friends, and relatives or maybe with your partner or anyone you want to. It’s to show some appreciation or love to someone.


Credit to the owner of this picture!

Who doesn’t love fireworks?? Nah! Everybody loves it.

Fireworks are beautiful and unique. They have different kinds/types and shapes. It makes the night lively aside from the hornpipes.


Credit to the owner of this picture!

Misa de Gallo or Simbang Gabi is a mass that happens on dawn when the sun is not yet shining. It’s a nine day masses that ends on the 24th on December. It is said that if you completed the nine-day Misa de Gallo your wish will be granted. After the mass the people eats painit it compose of sikwate (cocoa drink) with puto or suman (here in Cebu City).

Don’t forget that it is the day Jesus was born.



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