What Am I?


What am I? is a riddle game. It uses your reasonable thinking to understand the riddle and come up with an answer.


What am I? is made by ThinkCube Inc.


ThinkCube Inc. with Over 70 Games published to date & 6 million overall Download, ThinkCube Game is now ranked top 100 IOS Puzzle game Publishers around the World! Launched on November 20, 2012.

In What am I? there are hints that you have to use to answer those riddles. It will give hint for 120 coins, ask a friend via Facebook , e-mail, or by text message for free, it also remove up to 3 letters for 60 coins, and  reveal 1 correct letter for 90 coins.

I will give it 4 stars.

4 stars

Though I personally like it for brain activity some riddles does not match up to their answers. Though I respect why those hints where a little pricey, it is to motivate us.




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DISCLAIMER: The things appeared above is solely from my opinion only. The WordPress and the company have nothing to do with it.



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