Games @ CITEXPO 2015


At the first and largest tech expo in the heart of the city, you’re guaranteed fun! There won’t be a dull moment as you can go head to head against all people while checking out the gadgets. Participate in the launching of the game called Kweedoo.


How does it work? Its concept is like an Easter egg hunt except you try to capture monsters instead of eggs. These are embedded in markers hidden all across the CITEXPO arena. For every 10 monsters you capture, that’s worth 1 raffle entry to win a 28″ Devant HD TV (from Devant, the first ISDB TV in the country).

Compete with all the people on a race to finish 40 monsters to get to win the mystery prize. But wait, there’s more! If you find it in a stall, you’re in luck! Because you won’t just capture the elusive monster, you will receive mini-prizes from the generous stalls.

Winning has never been this fun. Am I right? You have to go above and beyond imagination, though. No one knows where they might be. The billboards? Stalls? TV Screens? Comfort Rooms?! Think outside the box, darling! The next big thing is here.


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