Cosplay In CITEXPO 2015


The CITEXPO and Christmas Gift Fair 2015 will not only feature gadgets and gizmos. It will be capped off every night by a cosplay competition which is themed especially to excite every game enthusiast out there.

Watch your favorite characters come to life. Even better, feel free to become your favorite character and get a chance to win exciting prizes!

This three-day event will be comprised of coswalks for days 1 & 2 and a grand competition on day 3. The grand competition will have two categories: individual and pair.


Feel like a concert king or queen as the cosplay competition will be held at the stage of the Pacific Grand Ballroom. This will be the first cosplay competition to be held at the prestigious 4-star hotel. And spoiler alert: a very special guest will be giving away the prizes.

The cosplay competition is happening at the ultimate hub for every tech-savvy Cebuano, the CITEXPO and Christmas Gift Fair 2015.

For information on pre-registration, check out:


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