Mysterious Package!!!


Sorry for the long absence. Been busy about my private life this past few weeks.

So, here it goes!

If you are following me on my facebook page. You will know that I got a package.

When I as away from home I was surprise by my family calling that I got package. I’m wondering what is it because I didn’t really know or even expect that I may got one. So, after I got home I check the package and what meets my eyes is this…



When I open the package this is what in the inside.



It’s from BDJ Box! It consists of a white bag, and three products of Pantene : shampoo, conditioner and a 3-minute miracle. All are a hair fall control. #DoItAllHair #DoItAllBella

I’m gonna post some updates each one of the products. So, stay tuned!



If you want more of it.

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