The Other Son



The title of the book is “The Other Son” by Alexander Soderberg and translated by Niel Smith. It is a novel and originally publish in 2014 at Den Andre Sonen by Norstedts, Stockholm. It has three parts: 23 chapter for part one and two, 22 chapter for part 3 and an epilogue. A total of 332 pages. It is a trilogy, the first one is the “The Andalucian Friend”.

It is a woman named Sophie Brinkmann. She has a son named Albert, She was forced to join the crime empire after Hector Guzman the leader of the empire was bedridden.

I find it interesting at first. The plot got me curious about what will happen. The chapters feel like I’m watching a movie every time I turned the pages. Every time I read the book I encounter a words that made me look up to the dictionary and I find it challenging but nice. It made my vocabulary expand. It has a good transition. All in all it’s a good story.

I truly recommend it to all the reader who wants to read a good book.



Disclaimer: “I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

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